My secret to a radiant smile with ORAL-B

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I get this question a lot: how are my teeth so white? It’s true that I take particularly good care of my smile. Ever since I went through years and years of braces and dental ordeals, I am very careful and pay a lot of attention to preserve my pretty teeth (which are not very numerous anymore, I have such a small mouth that I had to remove 8 teeth when I put my braces in haha ​​#superglam). For me it’s off the table to use cringeworthy techniques and weird products that will do only one thing: destroy your teeth. My secret is simple: brush your teeth properly, with good products and several times a day!

My first advice is to switch to the electric toothbrush. Recently, I found myself several months without an electric toothbrush, so I was forced to temporarily make do with a manual one. I can tell you, I saw the difference! But like, really. My teeth were much less smooth looking, less clean and less white. So, I quickly got a new electric brush. I was fortunate enough to get to test the ORAL-B GENIUS 9000 electric toothbrush. A “smart” electric toothbrush, which offers different brushing modes according to your needs and wishes, and which notifies you with a little light if you’re applying too much pressure on your teeth. You can also connect it via bluetooth to an app that will indicate areas that are already brushed, areas to brush, brushing time etc… all that, while receiving the news of the day! I am really addicted to this model, to be honest.

Personally, I brush my teeth at least twice a day: once in the morning, and once in the evening before going to bed. I sometimes brush my teeth after lunch, if I’m at home. Remember: the key to a nice smile is regular brushing. No secrets.

Second tip, use good products. Personally, I have always sworn by ORAL-B. I’m a big fan of their WHITE 3D toothpaste, but I also recently tested their new toothpaste “ORAL-B REPARE GENCIVES & EMAIL“. A toothpaste that helps revitalize your gums and repair your enamel. Swollen gums and weakened enamel are two of the most common causes of dental problems that can affect anyone, at any age. The main causes of these problems are your diet (acid foods, sweet and sparkling drinks can dissolve the enamel by making it thinner, duller and faded) but also your habits (bad brushing technique, especially if you brush your teeth too strongly). It is therefore important to have a toothpaste that will prevent this damage or that can repair it. I’ve been using this toothpaste for a month now and I can say that I see the difference! My smile is radiant and my teeth are really healthy!

Of course, brushing your teeth is one thing, but what you eat also plays a big role in your smile. Although I like to drink Coke from time to time, I try to drink almost no soda, only water. I am, however, very addicted to coffee, and I drink it every day. But I try to brush my teeth after drinking one, if I am at home. Since my smile is rather bright in spite of me drinking several coffees a day, I am living proof that good brushing habits and a good toothpaste are two very effective elements for a bright and healthy smile!

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