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Make up

I'll show you my favorite products here, the ones I use every day. But you will also be able to discover the make up that I carry out for various events such as during my shootings or during festivals..

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This topic intrigues a lot of you .. So I decided to dedicate an entire category to it! I'll explain how I went from brunette to blonde, how I maintain this color and what products I use.

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New york


15 January 2021

5 days in New York during the holiday season

Christmas Holiday Season in New York Visiting New York during the holiday season has always kind of been a dream for me! I was lucky enough […]


3 May 2020

Granola – Quinoa & dark chocolate, without nuts

The easiest if to buy quinoa already puffed. But if you don’t have some, you can do it yourself this way: Rince the quinoa and drain […]

1 May 2020

Spiced chicken meatballs with feta

* Inspired from a Capucine Trevisani ‘s recipe Mix your stale bread (more or less 100g) until it crumbles. In a bowl, blend the spiced ground chicken […]


Discover in this category my advice to feel good in your body. I explain how to boost your self-confidence but also my favorite products!

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