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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Claire, I am Belgian and I recently turn 26. Working as a fashion and travel blogger, I love sharing my tips, my go-to place, my small joys but also my struggles with my community. Recently graduated in law, I live between Brussels and Paris surrounded by my family and friends.

The story begins in 2013, when I decided to launch my blog Milkywaysblueyes to share my passion for fashion and travel. I quickly got caught up in the game and this passion has now become my job! Now present on 6 different channels, I love creating quality artistic content and telling stories through photos, videos or even articles.

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But you are probably wondering how Claire became Milkywaysblueyes? Well, that name just popped out of my imagination. When I started, I didn't thought that I would have to share this name with such a large community. So I simply took the first combination including a physical trait but also a personality trait that sounded good to me... So I associated "blue eyes" with "milkyway" . And poof, voila: my name was now "the blue eyes of the milky way", in other words Milkywaysblueyes.

By Claire