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How I organized my closet and my room

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My closet and my room, decoration et organisation

It’s been a year since I’ve settled in my new apartment, so it’s about time I released a series of decorating articles and videos! It took me a while to get started simply because I like to take my time to decorate, to make sure I make good purchases! I find that when you arrive in an apartment, you have to live in it for a few months in order to take your time to imagine a decorating theme, rather than rush in when you get the keys and end up buying stuff very fast, which won’t find its place in the apartment. So that’s what I did and here I am, a year later, with my whole interior decorated and settled! I’m renting, so of course there were a lot of things I wanted to change, but I did not want to invest in someone else’s apartment. So I kept my ideas for my future apartment or house when I choose to invest myself. Now, enough chitchat, let’s talk home deco!

I let you start with the video, which allows you to hear a global overview and some details of my closet and bedroom. In the rest of the article, you’ll find additional information that I may have forgotten to mention in the video, as well as all the links to buy the pieces that are still available in stores.

My room is made up of 3 major spaces: the shoesing, the first part you walk in when entering the room, then to the right, the main space with the bed and the closet. And then, behind the shoesing, I have my bathroom (you’ll see when I’ll do a home tour that my apartment is arranged quite uniquely, I have a second “bathroom” …that is very odd!). This big bedroom is one of the rooms I feel the most at ease in in my apartment and really is my little (well the room is actually quiiiiite big haha) cocoon. It’s the most femininely decorated space in my home, with pink touches and a very luminous atmosphere.

The closet

PAX System by Ikea ♡ Ikea baskets Clothing rack for outfits of the week by Ikea ♡ Plastic baskets by the radiator by Ikea ♡ Maisons du Monde mirror ♡ Urban Outfitters rug 

The closet was entirely imagined and customized by the incredible PAX system by IKEA. If you’re looking for a 100% personalized closet space with all your needs and desires, this really is the system to use! You can map out the 3D version of your dreams on their site, which creates a list of the materials you need, that you can go buy in stores or order online. It’s not easy to assemble, being really heavy and taking a lot of time, but it’s JUST TOO COOL. Really, I’ve built the closet of my dreams! On my part, I didn’t have any drawers at first, but I ended up adding a bunch of them, so you can keep customizing as you go, which is very practical. I recommend taking your time and testing out different set-ups to see what you really like and need. It is a big investment so you’ll be happy when it ends up perfect!

The shoesing

Lack shelves Ikea ♡ Record player by Urban Outfitters  ♡ Kartell chair  ♡ Bench/trunk for shoes by Maison du Monde

For the shoeing, I used IKEA shelves because I really like the refined style of the white wood, making the shoes stand out. I’m so happy with the result, but the shelves are rather fragile. Even if we used a really good system to fasten them, they simply aren’t equipped for holding the weight of the shoes without any brackets to support them. Some are really unstable and threaten to fall down. For the moment, it’s been there 6 months and nothing has fallen…yet. So I’m thinking about getting a new system (probably just adding brackets for support) for my next apartment.

The bathroom

Bath shelf, Ikea ♡ Plant, Ikea ♡ Little golden box, H&M Home ♡ Battery powered garland, Pretty Wire♡ Candles by My Jolie Candle ♡ Sony SRX sound system ♡ Baobab Candle ♡ Ladder, Rue de la Déco ♡ Towels, H&M home ♡ Basket/bin bought on a Bali market ♡ Soap dish and toothbrush, Casa ♡ Necklace holder, Primark ♡ Wheeled service, Ikea  ♡ Grey baskets (in service), Primark ♡ Make-up station Shein ♡ Monogrammed beauty case, The Daily Edited

The bathroom is really small, so very difficult to arrange. I would have preferred to have something else rather than hard wood flooring in this part of the bedroom (I could put a vinyl rug but, as they are quite expensive, it will have to wait) and a closed storage cabinet to “unclog” the space a little. But, again, I’m renting so I prefer to keep the investments to a minium and just play the practical card on this one. After all, it is small but so cute and the materials are of good quality! I decided to accessorize the place with some wooden touches to make the worktop pop and add some life with the help of plants (fake ones, trust me I am no good at gardening haha).

The sleepy part

Bed from Ikea (I removed the heading, but the model is not sold anymore, it was really cheap) ♡ Mattress cover, H&M home ♡ Posters, Desenio ♡ Black tape for posters, HEMA ♡ Linen duvet cover, H&M home ♡ Pink rug, Urban Outfitters

For the sleeping part, when I first moved in, I bought a bed (not so pretty and really cheap) because I really needed something to sleep on and I didn’t have the money to invest in something worthy. So, I hid the “ugliness” of the bed with a H&M Home mattress cover. I’ve been thinking I need to buy a new bed for 6 months now, but every time I prefer to spend my money on something else, guess that mattress cover is doing it’s job! Ideally, I’d like to have my closet and my bedroom separated, but I chose to leave the other room as a bedroom for my brother so we could live in this apartment together!

Dressing, comment l'organiser Dressing, comment l'organiser Dressing, comment l'organiser

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