Doutzen’s Sports Stories by Hunkemöller

Hunkemoller x Doutzen Kroes

I bet that eight girls on ten decided that this year, they will start the sport again ! Am I wrong? I can admit, I did take that good resolutions too : “this year, I will have that badass body I was dreaming of“… #lol. To not set the bar to high, I decided that this year, I will only try to lose at least 2 kg, and try to firm up my body a little bit (I give up trying to get that perfect fit body, I love food too much) before summer. I think that this target won’t be too hard to be achieved. I’m fed up putting the bar too high, and always being disappointed of myself after that. This year, the objective will be easier to be achieved and I’ll be more proud of myself when I will reach it !

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Stay elegant in the winter

Knit dress

In the wintertime, it’s not easy to wear chic outfits. We all become really lazy and just wear flat booties, oversized knit, huge coats and, big scarf. It’s cool for sure, but it’s more casual and sportswear than elegant. But what to wear when it’s really cold and you have to be classy for like, an appointment, or a date ?

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Red touch with Made by Sarenza

red vinyl boots

Today I am back with a new outfit post, to start 2017 in the best way. During 2016, I forgot a little bit to write in english, and mostly write in french on the blog. I am really sorry for that, and I can promise that one of my resolutions for 2017 is to write more english blogposts for you, my dear foreign readers. But as you can see, my english is not really good, I do a lot of mistakes, so don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments ! Enough talking, I am back with a casual outfit, wearing my last favorites booties from Made By Sarenza. As you may now, I am a big fan of the brand. I recently received this pair of red vinyl booties, which I am totally addicted to.  I decided to wear them with a joggers from Zara. This joggers has a split on the side, which allow you to see the booties really well, they’re not hide under the pants. I think those pants were made to be worn with these booties ! I also wear a nice shirt from Loavies, with wide sleeves. It’s not a really warm outfit, but winter outfits are sooooo boring, I am fed up wearing all the time the same knits and coats ! So yes, it’s not a winter outfit (and I was really cold while shooting this outfit). I cannot wait the winter to be over !

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My cosy moment with Hunkemöller


Hi girls! Today I am back for a new fun blogpost, wearing my new favorite nightwear from Hunkemöller. I recently went to their store to discover this new “cosy collection” and … oh my god. Everything is amazing! Totally what we need in the winter. It’s perfect to spend a full day at home, with a cup of coffee, a nice movie, and of course some slices of pizza.

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Pep-start your day with Clinique

Hi Guys! Hope everything’s fine. Today I am back with a new beauty blogpost to speak about the new range of Clinique : Pep Start. I had already heard really nice things about this range and was impatient to try it. This range is intended for young women, who have a vibrant, quick, and dynamic way of living. The packaging is really colorful, really “pep”, to express the mood of this new range. I discovered it recently and I am already addicted to it !

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