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If you’ve just landed on my little blog and started with this page, that means you must not know a lot about me yet. So, let me tell you everything! My name is Claire, I am a 26yo Belgian girl and I am graduated from law school. In 2013, I started the great adventure of creating an unpretentious fashion blog where I could bring my passion for fashion to life. I quickly got caught up in the game and it became my passion! I think that these few informations are sufficient to start the visit of my blog, you will learn more about me, my personality, by reading my articles.

Before you go, let me just explain some things about the name of my blog. Isn’t it strange? Well I mean, for a fashion blog in any case. Why did I choose this name? First of all, you must know that I never expected to share it with anyone when I first created the blog. So, needless to say I didn’t exactly think it through, taking the first combination of nice sounding words that came to my mind. What was sure, though, is that I wanted one of my physical traits to be included in the name. I thought of “blonde”, “blondie”, “miss”, but it was not original enough in the then already kind of developed blogosphere. Well, okay, “blue eyes” isn’t exactly the most original thing, but it was more so than other words! Then, I also wanted to add a touch of genuineness that represented a part of my personality, more specifically my character. The Milky Way appeared to me as a rather nice metaphor, so I settled on “The Blue Eyes of the Milky Way”. It’s a bit long, a bit complicated to write, without any real reference to the fashion world, but I thought the ensemble was rather good. It has a touch of mystery and at least this uncommon name is recognizable amongst thousands!

So, those are the essentials when it comes to me and my blog. You’ll discover me, my passion, my style, my family in the various articles featured here!

By Claire

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