Trend Alert: Belt bags (selection inside)

14/03/19 / 0 Comments

Get on the belt bag wagon

The belt bag is, without any doubt, THE trend of the year. Cute and practical at the same time, it’s impossible not to  spot the trend wherever you go! It’s a fact, the 90 are making a comeback: between bobby pins, neon pieces, chokers and banana bags, we seem to looooove the nostalgia in our wardrobes. The belt bag is actually a nicer and more dressed-up version of the banana bag. You can find it in every shape or form, texture and color, at any price, in every store. From fast-fashion to the biggest designers! You can wear it many ways: cross-body for the more sportswear type, belted for a more classic look. It’s pretty, it adds a fun dimension to an outfit and, most of all, it’s practical!

My selection of belt bags

Scroll through this selection of the cutest belt bags available now!

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