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Puff sleeves: the romantic trend you need to adopt right away!

17/04/19 / 0 Comments

Trending now: puff sleeves

Some will call it “80s heritage” and others will even mention further roots like the Victorian or Renaissance era. In any case, be it 500, 150 or 40 years ago, puff sleeves have made a strong comeback in our wardrobes the last 2 seasons. While everyone names it differently (milkmaid, romantic, balloon sleeves…) we’ll just stick to “puff sleeves”, simple and efficient, complicated nuances aside.

We had already seen puff sleeves previously this Winter (moderately worn of course) on coats or chunky knits. This Spring, it is even easier to adopt the trend with flowy dresses and romantic blouses. It is actually more practical to wear this trend in the spring too (just try wearing it under a vest). 

How to style puff sleeves in your everyday outfits?

In order to avoid looking like a snowman, you’ll want to mix puff sleeve pieces with body con pieces. The key here is to play with volumes and to see the puff sleeves as the master piece of your outfit. So accessorize discretely and wear close fitted garments in order not to upstage the master piece and also not to seem as if you have “over done it” with your casual look. You can wear carrot pants that show your ankles, a crayon skirt or high-waisted slim jeans. 

  • To stay in the romantic vive, without falling over doing it, play with basic accessories that are chic yet discrete. A fine necklace, a pretty pair of earrings, a hairlip etc.
  • Speaking of hair, you’ll want to have them up, in order not to overcharge the shoulders, already packed with the puff of your sleeves.
  • Upstage the dated effect of the blase with more contemporary pieces like denim or leather. You can always stay on the romantic side and wear a midi-skirt, but opt for a modern one: pleated with colors, instead of draped with flowers.
  • In any case, make sure you highlight your waist, in order to bring structure to your look.
  • As for the shoes, break the romantic vibe with sneakers, or keep it with pretty sandals or heels.

*Photo source : @cococuenco, @mvb, @josefinehj, @lornaluxe. 

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