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The best places to eat in New-York City

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Where to eat in New-York City?

Before leaving, I called out for your help on social media in order to gather information on the best spots to eat in New-York and to get to learn about your experiences and advice on them. In this article, you’ll find the ones I saved after having filtered through all of your recommandations and at the end of the article you’ll read all about the places I actually went to! Because we were only there for 6 days, we didn’t spend much time in restaurants, so we only managed to test out a little part of the list.

Don’t hesitate to share your best food spots or experiences about other restaurants in the comment section for others to read! 

Breakfast in New-York

  • Sarabeth (Upper East Side/Central Park South/Park Avenue South/Tribeca/Upper West Side) : a true institution in New York for brunch and to have breakfast.
  • La Mercerie (SoHo) : The place to be for breakfast! So sad I didn’t get to try it out.
  • Eat by Chloé (Greenwich Village/Flatiron/SoHo/Rock Center/Brooklyn/Seaport District) : a trendy vegan restaurant!
  • Bluestone Lane (Upper East Side/Upper West Side/Manhattan West/ West Village) : nice little place to eat something on the go with avocado.
  • Loosie rouge (Brooklyn) : such a pretty place to have brunch!
  • Cronuts by Dominique Ansel (SoHo) : The famous crossing between a donut and a croissant is a must try if you come to NYC!
  • Olmsted (Brooklyn) : mind-blowing brunch in Brooklyn.
  • The Butcher Daughter (Nolita/West Village/Brooklyn) : the perfect place for a healthy and bio brunch!
  • Maman (SoHo/Tribeca/Nomad/Meatpacking/Greenpoint/Hudson) : such a cute place for breakfast or a treat “à la française” !
  • The Vine (Empire State Building) : they have a breakfast buffet until 11am, but also an a la carte menu.
  • Pénélope (Flat Iron) : hands down the best pancakes in New York.

Lunch in New-York

  • Sant Ambroeus (Madison Avenue/SoHo/West Village/: a mix between Italian and French cuisine! Ideal for brunch or some tasty pasta.
  • Broken Coconut (SoHo) : perfect for a healthy lunch!
  • Fig & Olive (Meatpacking/Fifth Avenue/Uptown/Westchester) : when France comes to New York! Nice flavors of the Mediterranean will transport you back to Europe!
  • Dr Smood (Madison/Broadway/SoHo/Lexington/Orchard) : super trendy place to have a healthy lunch on the go.
  • Shake Shack (Un peu partout) : a must! The best fast-food burgers I’ve had in my life. Every time I’m in a town that has them, I speed over there. Never disappointed!
  • Mercer Kitchen  (SoHo) :  if you’re looking for a more solid lunch, this is the place to be. The cuisine is traditional and also does dinner.
  • Luke’s lobster (Brooklyn/East Village/Times Square/Midtown/Nomad/Upper East/Upper West/…) : they are kind of everywhere in New York and serve fast-food lobster dishes.
  • Tartinery  (Hudson/Park Ave./Plaza) : serves solid “tartines”, like sandwiches. Ideal for lunch.
  • Cecconi’s Dumbo (Brooklyn) : having tested them out in London and Barcelona, it really is a place I highly recommend. Classic, but always hits the spot.
  • Cafe Cluny (Meatpacking): this restaurant with a traditional feel serves just that: traditional cuisine. Never disappoints.
  • Tacombi (Nolita/Empire State/Flatiron/Bleecker/Brooklyn) : super trendy place with an old VW van inside! They serve a tacos-inspired cuisine.
  • Chelsea Market (Chelsea) : an indoor food market where you can eat all kinds of different cuisines. I was specifically recommended Lobster’s place!
  • La Pecora Bianca (Nomad/MidTown) : they have different locations, a must to try out, even if a little bit expensive.

Treat yourself in New-York

  • Woops (Everywhere) : Delicious macaroons in a pretty setting!
  • Levain Bakery (West St/Wainscott, Harlem/Amsterdam Ave): the best cookies in New York! I tried them myself and they are really worth it. They now have several locations, so no need to queue at the original shop, walk directly over to Amsterdam Avenue ( 2 blocks away).
  • Magnolia Bakery (Bleecker/Upper West/Grand Central/…) : another true institution in New York. Amazing cakes and cupcakes!
  • Starbucks Reserve  (Meatpacking) : this is a new concept of Starbucks located in the Meatpacking District. It’s worth the look!
  • Cupcakes Sprinkles (Upper East Side/Brookfield/Penn Station) : the famous cupcake vending machine!

Dinner in New-York

  • Nobu (Upper East Side/Brooklyn) : the world-renowned asian restaurant chain. Expensive, but good.
  • Zuma (Madison Ave.): same style as Nobu, but having tested the restaurant in London, I must say I really adored the food and its exquisite taste makes the prices worth it.
  • Carbone (NYU) : is said to be the best Italian restaurant in town! But, for me, it appears a little too pricey for a traditional Italian cuisine.
  • Carmine’s (Times Square/Upper West) : located right next to Broadway. An Italian favorite to grab a bite after a musical. Walk-in only.
  • Le coucou (SoHo) : a French restaurant with an unique setting.
  • Gallagher’s (Rockefeller) : apparently the best steakhouse in New York City.
  • Buddakan (Chelsea) : incredible setting, asian cuisine.
  • Basta Pasta (Chelsea) : an Italian restaurant that looks truly incredible!
  • Picolla Cucina Osteria (NoHo) : another mouthwatering Italian restaurant.
  • Wildair (Lower East Side) : serves modern cuisine with good wine.
  • Catch (Chelsea) : a trendy restaurant with varied menu choices, with some asian-fusion influences.
  • One if by Land, Two if by Sea (Greenwich Village) : traditional cuisine with exceptional setting.

Have a drink in New-York

  • 230 rooftop (Fifth Avenue)  : during the holidays they put up igloos on the terrace! We didn’t go, too scared to have to wait in line for 2 hours, but it seemed pretty epic.
  • Refinery rooftop (Midtown) : rooftop with a view on the Empire State Building.
  • Mr Purple (Lower East Side) : has a pool and incredible view on Manhattan.
  • Skylark rooftop (Midtown): sublime rooftop!
  • Westlight rooftop (Brooklyn) : with a view all over Williamsburg.
  • Le Bain rooftop (Meat Packing) : on top of The Standard hotel. Careful, Sundays are members only.
  • Bemelman’s bar (Upper East Side) : a chique bar in the Upper East Side on top of a luxury hotel. We wanted to go, but it was too crowded during the holidays.

The places I went to

  • Maman : we had breakfast there. It was at the top of my list and I wasn’t disappointed at all! We went to the one in Nomad, the decorations were super cute and the food was delicious. Next time I want to try out the one in Greenpoint that seems to have even better decorations and a little store to shop their tableware.
  • The Butcher Daughter : when in LA I didn’t get to time to go to this famous place, so I absolutely wanted to go in New York!  We went to the one in the Meatpacking District and it was divine, but a little skimpy. We arrived relatively early and about 30 minutes after we’d settled (9am approximatively), a line started forming outside. Nontheless, I think it’s worth the wait because the food is really good (but a little light for the heavy eaters that we are).
  • Bluestone Lane:  I was really disappointed by this place! My food was inedible and my avocados showed little black dots (disgusting!!). This restaurant is famous for its avocado toasts but when I saw the look of the avocados on my burger I can’t even imagine their toasts. The burger was dry, I was almost unable to eat it. However, for New York I found the prices were reasonable for once. Maybe I just came in on a bad day!
  • Levain Bakery : we waited in line for a good 10 minutes in order to taste the famous cookies and I must say, it’s really worth it! Okay, it’s kind of a sugar bomb and I couldn’t even finish mine, but they were truly DELICIOUS.
  • Catch : right across from our hotel, so it was only logical we’d try it out! While we had booked a table, we ended up waiting for over an hour… Luckily, there is a bar at which you can sip a drink more or less relaxed surrounded by 500 other people waiting for their table as well. Once again, it was totally worth the wait because we spent our second best night in New York at this restaurant, the best one being at “One if by Land”!
  • One if by Land, Two if by Sea  : we had dinner there on Christmas evening! A sumptuous restaurant with an incredible setting, divinely well decorated for Christmas. The cuisine is traditional and generous, but it was a true delight.
  • Buddakan : this was one of the most recommended restaurants I got, and personally I was a little disappointed. We were finished in 30 minutes (having ordered 5 plates, a bottle of wine and dessert) and we really didn’t get to enjoy the night. I admit our reservation was late (11pm) but there were still plenty of people in the restaurant. The food was good, but in the same style, I’d much rather go to Zuma or Hakkasan.
  • La Pecora Bianca : we had lunch there the last day on our way to the airport and we had a divine meal. I really recommend this place in spite of its steep prices, because the food is just delicious.

That’s it for all the best food spots in the city! If you liked this article and are interested in reading about things to do in New York, feel free to read through this article on what to do in New York in 5 days !

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