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How to get discounts at H&M? H&M Club takes Belgium!

26/11/18 / 0 Comments
Des promos sur H&M grâce au H&M Club

Let’s start the weekend with the details of this pretty H&M look and with more info about their brand new H&M Club that was just launched in Belgium! I got lots of questions about this in my comment section so I’m going to explain all the things you need to know in order to enjoy tons of promotions at H&M thanks to H&M Club!

What is H&M Club?

H&M Club is the loyalty system of H&M. It already existed around the world except in Belgium (of course), but was finally launched this month. I’m one of the ambassadors of the campaign (you’ll see my happy face pop up on the H&M commercials on social media from time to time) and I’m really excited to be a part of this because H&M is one of my favorite brands!

To register, it’s simple, just download the H&M app on your smartphone, then click on the H&M Club tab. Simply follow the different steps to join the H&M Club.

The system is easy: for every 1 euro you buy, you earn 1 point! Not only can you accumulate points by buying online, but this system also works in stores. Simply present your H&M Club card (the barcode is available on your smartphone) at check out. With these points, you can “buy” offers: percentages, entries to H&M parties, offers with their other partners … in short, lots of cool things!

More info about my look

The outfit you see on the pictures is 100% shot in H&M! I decided to combine a skirt and a jacket with two different houndstooth prints for a chic, but fashionable look. Big big crush on these two pieces and especially on the skirt, which is perfect for this winter. It is thick, but made of an ultra stretchy material. For the coat, I’m wearing the most comfy fluffy coat on the planet I think. You could sleep in it! With it, you do not go unnoticed, but as soon as it wills start freezing, you’ll be very happy you have one.

Size-wise, I took my usual size for everything except for the coat where I took a 38 because it was the only size left. I admit, a 36 would have been better. Since it is already massive enough no need to give it an oversized look! As accessories, I’m wearing a belt, also from H&M (but an old co) and a bag from Zara (new collection).

I also made a small selection of coats because there are some really pretty pieces!

Des promos sur H&M grâce au H&M Club Des promos sur H&M grâce au H&M Club

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