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If you just landed on my little blog and if you start with this section, you shouldn’t know a lot about me. To know everything, I am Belgian, my name is Claire, I am 21 and I am (officially) a law student. In 2013, I started in the adventure of creating an unpretentious blog where I could share with others my passion for fashion. It quickly has become my second home! I think these few information is sufficient to start the visit of my blog, you will learn more about me, my personality, by reading my articles.

Before you leave, I’ll still make a point about the name of my blog. Strange isn’t it ? Anyway, strange for a fashion blog. But why did I choose this weird name? First of all we must keep in mind that when I launched my blog, I would never have imagined having to share that name with anyone! So I didn’t meditate long and hard about it, taking indeed the first combination of words that sounded good. At least, I wanted one of my physical traits to be included in the name. I had thought about « blond », « blondie », « miss » but it wasn’t original enough for me and already seen a lot on the blogosphere. Of course, « blue eyes » is not especially more original but already less seen! Then I wanted to add a touch of originality that could represent my personality and above all, my character. The « Milky Way » seemed to me an image rather exploitable! Then, I created my blog as « the milky way’s blue eyes. » Long, complicated to write, without any reference to the world of fashion, but I found that it was pretty good. There is the little touch of mystery is needed and it represents well the small dark side that lurks inside me.

I’ll leave you here with this little presentation, you will discover more about me, my passion, my style, my family, in different blog posts!

If you want to contact me : milkywaysblueyes@hotmail.fr


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